Name: One Eagle
Tribe: Cherokee
Born: November 15, 1930

Life Experience: Traveled the world over in the construction business, mostly heavy industrial construction
Military Experience: Veteran of Air Force and Army; Ex-Paratrooper
Organization: Founder of The American Indian Association of Millington, Tennessee
Native American Author:   Shelter Rock   Don't Lie - Don't Steal   The Story of Woody Reindeer   Don't Quit   The Grandfather Story

   The Saga of Young Bear


The Gathering of the Ghosts
at Cherokee, North Carolina on the Reservation of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians
The Gathering of the Ghosts
is twice each year - Memorial Day Weekend - and the first weekend of October

2004 Site of The Gathering of the Ghosts

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We are Ghosts because we are undocumented Cherokee. Many more Cherokee are undocumented than there are on the rolls.
We are Cherokee but the tribe will not accept us.
We choose to be Cherokee. We are not white; and, according to the Tribe we are not Cherokee - so we must be Ghosts.
We meet at Cherokee, on the reservation of the Eastern Band of Cherokee and let them know we still exist.
We do this in a peaceful way and are by NO means protesting or demonstrating against the tribe.
We sometimes wear T-shirts declaring that we are The Gathering of the Ghosts.
In this way we let them know we are still there and will be there.
We let them know we are proud of our heritage even if we are not accepted.
We enjoy our weekend and enjoy the company of the group.
We visit areas of interest. We sit around a campfire in the evenings and talk and laugh.
To put it simply, we just have fun. In this time we soak up the beauty of the area.
We usually share a meal or two. On the day we depart we usually go down to a pancake house and have breakfast with the group. One of our group is a certified chef. He usually fixes a meal for us and I can tell you he is very good. The food he fixes is fantastic.

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The Gathering of the Ghosts is now seven years old.
Lately, the attendance has been low due to the cost of gasoline.
We have had members come from many states for The Gathering of the Ghosts --- North Carolina, Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida; Texas, Ohio, California, New Mexico. One person drove from El Paso, Texas for an October meeting. He marveled at the streams of clear cold water, the many rivers in the area. He took many pictures of the streams.
We sometimes fish for trout. There are thirty miles of trout streams on the Reservation. They are stocked twice weekly during the summer months. (The Tribe has its own trout farm) For a seven dollar permit you may catch ten trout.
We usually meet at Yogi in the Smokies Campground. There are facilities for all sizes of motor homes, travel trailers. There many spaces available for tent campers. Sanitation facilities are sufficient.
There are cabins available but you must reserve them many months in advance for the Memorial Day Weekend.

We hope to see you there in The Gathering of the Ghosts

The Lord's Prayer