Don't Quit

Copyright 1991

One spring day, a young boy, not yet old enough to be a brave but too old to play with the young children, went for a ride on his favorite pony, Runs With The Wind. Like his name he could run like the wind. As he rode away from the village Bear Tooth looked up at the sun. Just a little past mid day he thought. He would have plenty of time to ride his pony before the evening meal. He rode toward the river. The recent rain that had made the ground muddy and slick was drying. This is good thought bear Tooth. Now there will be no danger that Runs With the Wind will slip and fall. I can ride as fast as I wish. He came to a long, flat, clear, area. He was now a long ways from the Village. There is little chance of an accident. He bent his body low over the neck of run With The Wind and nudged him in his ribs to urge him to run fast.

Runs With The Wind needed no encouragement. He loved to run fast with his young master on his back. Traveling very fast across the long clear area by the river young Bear Tooth suddenly found himself flying through the air. He hit the ground rolling. After coming to a stop and finding he was unhurt his attention turned to Runs With The Wind. He walked back to where the pony was. It looked as if Runs With The Wind had no legs. As he was riding across the long clear area he had not noticed a large mud bog. Runs With The Wind was now firmly stuck in the mud. He seemed to be getting deeper each time he struggled to get out. Bear Tooth took a firm hold on the reins and pulled with all his strength. He could not budge Runs With The Wind.
He though of running back to the village for help but decided that it was too far. The wolves would surely have made a feast of Run With The Wind before he could return with help. Bear Tooth had spent the long winter in the teepee braiding a long, strong, rope from horse hair and raw hide. He took his long rope and tied it firmly around Runs With The Wind's neck. He took the other end around a nearby tree. He put his feet against the tree and pulled. Even with Runs With the Wind struggling to help to help he could not pull him out. By now it was beginning to get dark. The sun was already behind the hills. Bear Tooth could now hear the howling of the wolves. Soon they would be coming to feast on his favorite pony. Not knowing what else to do Bear Tooth dropped to his knees and asked the help of the Creator.

As he arose from his knees an idea suddenly came to him. He took the long rope that was around the tree and went in back of Runs With the Wind. Passing the rope across the rump of the pony he then went back to the tree and wrapped the rope around the tree. He pulled the rope hard so that it was very tight. Then talking to the pony urging him to try once more he pulled on the rope. As the pony struggled and leaned forward Bear Tooth pulled the rope with all his strength keeping the rope tight against the rump of the pony. As he settled back to try again the tight rope would not let him go back. His legs came out of the mud a little. Sensing what was happening, Runs With The Wind tried harder and harder. With Bear Tooth keeping the rope tight the pony was soon out of the mud bog. With his pony lying exhausted on the ground Bear Tooth began rubbing him with hands full of grass cleaning the mud off and relaxing Runs With The Wind.

Soon they were on the way back to the village only now Bear Tooth was walking and leading the pony behind him. The wolves would have to look else where for a meal tonight because Bear Tooth would not quit!

We must always remember----When things look the darkest, when it seems as if all is lost, the Creator is always with you. You have only to ask and He will answer.
But you must do your part----You must never quit!


Don't Quit is a copyrighted creation of Dick One Eagle AKA Comanche.
This story may not be copied or used in any way without the express written permission of the author.