The Grandfather Story

Copyright 1990

Many years ago, long before the white man came to our world and the land was still our own, there was a young man who would sit and watch the eagles and hawks fly through the sky and wish he could join them. After thinking about a way to do this he started saving all the feathers of the larger birds. When he thought he had enough he built a framework of the small limbs of the pine trees. He then glued and tied all the feathers to the framework. Going to a high hill he would run down the hill flapping the wings as he had seen the birds do. But, he could not fly.

He went to the high, holy places and prayed long and hard that he be allowed to fly. He then went back to try the wings again. Still he could not fly. He then went back to the highest and holiest places and fasted. He prayed and offered burnt offerings to the Grandfather.
Then the Grandfather came to him. He was told that due to his faith and prayers he would be allowed to fly. The Grandfather then presented him with two magic eagle feathers. He was told if he wished to fly to take one feather in each hand. Extend his feathers to his front and up and he would fly. When he wished to come down he had only to lower the feathers and he would return to the earth. But, the Grandfather gave him a warning. He was told he must never go higher then the highest mountain. All above the mountains was the domain of The Grandfather.

The young man was very happy. When the winter snow was heavy on the ground and the game was scarce the tribe would no longer have to go hungry. He could fly up into the sky and see where the game hiding. Then he could tell the hunters where the game was hiding. The little children would have food. In the spring of the year when the other tribes would come to make war he could fly up and see where the enemy was coming from and the tribe could be ready for them.

Then one day he was out flying in the sky just for the enjoyment of it. Not paying attention to what he was doing he went above the highest mountain. The magic feathers lost their power. Slowly he came down to earth, never to be able to fly again.

This story is meant to tell us We must obey God's laws.


The Grandfather Story is a copyrighted creation of Dick One Eagle AKA Comanche and may not be copied or used without the express written consent of the author.