The Story of Woody Reindeer

A copyrighted creation of Dick One Eagle

Woody Reindeer lived in the big forest far to the north, almost as far north as Santa Land at the North Pole. At the edge of the forest was a large, rocky, meadow. Woody Reindeer loved his home. There were large trees to keep the snow and cold wind from getting to him. When the snow came from the cold north he could getunder the overhanging limbs of the trees and stay warm. Because he liked the trees so much they made him a brother to the Tree Spirit. When danger came close to him he could hide inside the wood of the trees until it was past.

One day the wicked witch of the dark waters needed to make a powerful potion. She had looked into the dark waters, taken a pot of water from them, and poured it into her cauldron. She caused the fire under the cauldron to flare up, making the water boil and steam. Then she had spoken to the evil spirits that lived there:
Spirits of the water I beg your notion
I must make a powerful potion
Oh, dark waters, tell me true
What shall I use to make my brew?

The dark waters turned and swirled. Waves splashed high into the air. Finally the evil spirits of the dark water spoke.
Old witch you must start in the dark of morn
Your brew must be made with reindeer horn
But listen old witch we tell you true
Only special horns from far north will do.

The old witch jumped onto her broom and started north. She searched far and wide for just the right kind of reindeer horns. She flew through the sky searching all the woods below. She was about to give up. Then she saw Woody Reindeer at the edge of his meadow eating his favorite food. Woody loved the moss that grew on the rocks in his meadow. While other animals could not eat the moss it made woody strong and his horns special.
As the wicked witch of the dark waters flew over the meadow she saw Woody and saw he had exactly the kind of horns she needed for her magic potion. She turned her broom around and started down to steal Woody's horns. When she flew low the trees whispered to Woody and told him the wicked witch of the dark waters was coming to steal his horns. Woody ran into the meadow and hid behind a large rock. Again the trees whispered to Woody. "Woody she will see you when she flies over the meadow." Woody ran into the woods as fast as he could go.

Woody knew he could not afford to lose his horns. He wanted to be a substitute reindeer for Santa Claus. Then if one of the regular reindeer was sick or hurt he could take its place. He knew if he lost his horns he could never pull Santa's sleigh. Woody ran to the largest tree in the forest and jumped straight at the tree. As he left the ground the bark on the tree opened and let Woody inside. The old witch looked all through the forest and could not find Woody. When she could not find him she stood in the center of his forest and called out to Woody that she had a large bag of moss just for him. She told Woody to come and get it. It was a gift from her to him. Woody paid no attention to her. He stayed hidden inside the tree. Then the wicked witch screamed at him, if he did not come to her she would put a curse on him. Still, Woody would not come out of the tree. The old witch screamed her curse:
Come Woody Reindeer, come to me.
Or you will forever remain inside that tree

When Woody did not come out of the tree she smiled, jumped on to her broom and flew up out of the meadow. The clouds above the meadow loved Woody Reindeer and loved to see him play in his meadow. They became angry at the witch of the dark water. As she flew into the sky they caused a large streak of lightning to come out of the clouds and strike the wicked witch and burned her into a black cinder.
As hard as Woody tried he could not get out of the tree.

One night a big storm blew in. The wind blew very hard. The lightning flashed through the night sky. The strong wind blew through and around the big tree. It whipped back and forth. Finally one of the limbs could stand the pressure and strain no longer. With a loud noise that sounded like an explosion the large limb near the ground broke off the large old tree.
The next morning after the storm had left Woody turned toward where the limb had broken off. Woody saw something. It looked like a flash of light. Woody movced over in the tree to get a better look. He wanted to see what it was.
There it was again. It was light. The sun was shining in. Woody wondered if he could get out of the tree. He kept moving toward the light. It got brighter and brighter. Sooin, Woody's head was out of the tree. He stepped out of the tree. Woody took a good look around. There was nothing to be seen but his forest and his meadow. Woody was happy to be out of the tree. He ran out into his meadow jumping and pawing the air. He went down to the spring in the corner of his meadow. There was something strange that was not there when he had hidden in the tree. It was a large, black, cinder!

Copyright 1991